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Is Blogging Worth It?

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My blog is up for renewal in about a month. And to date, I have made about $2.00 off of my blog. I did however get to do a blog post in lieu of money, I got to try out an outfit. That post was about Fabletics. And if anyone goes to those posts and clicks on the links on them and makes a purchase, I will get a little bit of money. And trust me, it will not be a ton. I think that it is only like a 1% commission so if you spend $24, I’m only making a whopping $.24.

Financially, unless things start picking up soon or I am able to land a job that pays decently for me to pay my bills and keep my blog, come May 7th of this year, my blog will be shut down. And I really do not want that to happen. I love blogging and I am trying my hardest to keep up with doing blog post consistently but, the struggle is real.

Between moving from Florida to Alabama and going months without internet, it made it difficult to actually blog. Then, we moved from Alabama. First, we went to North Carolina to visit some family and to drop off anything that was not a desperate need and we then moved back down to Florida. During this time, I got behind in my class work for my classes. I am still trying to catch up a bit in one of my classes but, I have been making strides.

Hopefully, between the next couple of days, I can crank out some really good blog posts as well as getting my schoolwork done, and promote my blog in a ton of Facebook groups that I am in. All I can really do is pray that I can miraculously make enough between now and May 7th to pay for my blog renewal.

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5 thoughts on “Is Blogging Worth It?”

  1. Paulette says:

    Sorry to hear this, hopefully you don’t have to shut your blog down. If you are looking for a free platform try blogger.

  2. If you are dedicated to being a blogger, you can totally make this happen! There is lots of free content out there on how to make money blogging — find some training and dig in!

  3. Barbara Alfeo says:

    Being a blogger without the internet sounds tough! It can take such a long time to be profitable, and I have never really gotten into that part of it, but there are lots of resources out there if you need them!

  4. Rachel says:

    That is a struggle. I wish you could blog and work until the blog takes off. It took almost two years for me.

  5. Being a blogger definitely takes work and time to be able to make money. Keep plugging away and join into some of the blogging networks! They are hit or miss but blogging definitely has a joy that can’t be taken away as long as your heart is in it.

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