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Why I Think WalMart Sucks!

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Yes, you did read that right.  I think that old Wally World as some are known to call it is a disgrace.  Here is why I think this.

First, at my local WalMart, if there are not a lot of customers shopping, they shut down the registers and only have Self-Check open.  This to me is asinine.  Customers want interaction with another person.  Not some damn machine that is going to beep and piss us off after every other product we scan.

Second, there are never enough cashiers during the busiest hours, nor are they getting the proper training that they need.  Plain and simple right there.  I know this for a fact because I used to work for WalMart.  I remember getting customers yelling at me to the point that I would have tears in my eyes because of the long lines.  All I could do was say that I was sorry and offer a smile when I really wanted to tell them that it wasn’t my fault that they let a damn computer make out our schedule.

I can give you an example of the second reason.  My husband and I decided to go to WalMart to pick up some groceries.  Not really a whole lot but enough to last two weeks. When we went to check out, there was only one cashier and one register open.  It was the register where you purchase tobacco products.  There were 15 people in line when we went to get in line.  One man’s wife did not believe that he was really there until the customer in front of him let her know that he was indeed in line.  We had perishable items in our cart.  By the time we would have been able to check out, our frozen food would have been thawed out and the milk and cheese would have been very warm.

Now, to my understanding, the reason why there was only one cashier was because someone inside the store decided that it would have been a great idea to wax the floors in front of Self-Check along with several other registers.  Let me give you some advice, this was ASININE! COMPLETELY FUCKING ASININE!  There were other registers by the GM (general merchandise) doors.  Why were these registers not being operated?

Third, fix your heating and air conditioning!  I don’t know if Home Office out in Arkansas actually controls this or not but if you do, STOP!  JUST PLAIN STOP!  I live in the beautiful state of Florida.  We are essentially near the Sun’s ass crack.  It gets sweltering hot here earlier than anywhere else.  Having the A/C running full blast at 9 p.m. does not do shit but freeze your customers.  And it is not good when you have customers who are turning blue due to being severely cold.

Fourth, pay your employees more that just minimum wage.  Did you realize that what you currently pay your hourly employees they pretty much all qualify for food stamps? This is because you think that they should only get paid that much.  Well, I am here to tell you that it needs to be more.  During my time as an employee at WalMart, it took me two years to make $8.15/hr.  I left there to go work at a chicken plant where starting out, I made $9.20/hr.  After my “trial period”, I went up to $9.80.  Minimum wage was raised slightly after that so by the time I had left the chicken plant, I was making $10.35/hr.  And I had only been there seven months.  And for the love of God please give your employees more that a damn $.10 raise.  That is like a slap in the face.

Just to give you more numbers to visually see where you are screwing up, starting out, I made $6.75/hr.  After my temporary time there, I went up to $7.10.  Now I was only making that much because I was primarily a second shift worker so I got and extra $.25.  After three more months, I had another evaluation and went up to $7.45/hr.  At my one year evaluation, I was making $7.80.  By my second year, I got another $.10 raise and was up to the oh so glorious $8.15/hr.  And yes, that last sentence was meant to be sarcastic.

And lastly, hire some more damn people to work in the store!  I was finally able to get my shopping done yesterday thank goodness.  But I had to wait at sporting goods for a little bit because you only had one person working Hardware/Sporting Goods.  These are two different departments people!  Have at least two people per department and you will not have pissed off customers.

Where the hell is your common sense?  Did you loose it somewhere?  Did it fall out of your head or something?  You know as well as I do that if Sam Walton was alive today, he would really be ashamed of how this company is being run.  He was all for the customer’s being happy.  Not pissing them off every time they turn around.  And make sure that if you hire people for the Bakery department that they can actually spell.  My birthday cake one year was ruined because the person decorating cakes could not spell my name even when it was written in print on a piece of paper.

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