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Have you ever found yourself struggling with your everyday tasks?  Wether it be getting the housework doe, duties to be preformed at your job, or even in your faith?  Recently, I have been struggling in all of these aspects.  Now while I do not work outside of the home, I have this blog, a YouTube channel, and an Etsy shop.

I have even been struggling in being motivated to do my schoolwork as well as in my marriage.  But more importantly, I have been struggling in my walk with God.  I try so hard to be a good Christian by not judging others but, it is difficult.  How many times have you saw the way someone was dressed and judged them?  Or how about how their children were dressed or behaving?

It is so easy to judge others but what would others say about us?  Recently, I had a doctor’s appointment and while waiting to be called back, I noticed a woman with her son.  He was sitting down playing with the toy that he had brought with him and was reasonably quite.  He started to get antsy which is normal when you have been sitting for a bit.  But what his mother said to him and did is what concerned me.  She instantly started swatting at him with her hand.

Now this is where I judged her.  While her son was playing, she was looking down at her phone the entire time and really not paying any attention to him.  When he went to put his fingers in his mouth (I am guessing this is a coping mechanism for the little boy), she told him that if he put his fingers in his mouth that she was going to douse a spoon in hot sauce and make him hold it in his mouth for four minutes.  She then proceeded to tell him that she was going to spank his bare bottom with a sandal.

Now I will admit that I have played on a tablet or my phone before while at the doctor’s office, with my children.  However, my husband has also been with me during those times.  Secondly, I have never threatened my children like that.  I have told them that I would find a corner for them to go into and I have also told them that they needed to pray to Jesus for forgiveness on disobeying what me or their dad has said to them.

Overall, that doctor’s appointment made me realize that when I am judging someone else, they might be judging me for how I look.

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