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So disappointed

In FedEx.  I ended up not getting my package yesterday because the “driver” could not find where I live.  I find this really hard to believe when they were able to find my house on Thursday to deliver a package from Amazon.

So now, my package will not be here until Tuesday.  I am going to call the people on Monday just to make sure that they are actually delivering out to where I live and not somewhere in Jacksonville.  Which, is what I am thinking is going on.

Better yet, they can just drop the damn thing off with my local post office and they can bring it to me a whole lot quicker.  I will be honest, I really wanted to cuss the customer service person out for her driver being an utter moron but I didn’t.

I even nicely explained that I would not be so worried but that I had paid quite a bit for said package and I was really looking forward to seeing it.

In other news, I have pretty much cheated this entire week on eating healthy.  We went computer shopping and my husband did not find a computer that he wanted at Office Max.  I however, did see some planners that I liked and might purchase next year for the 2017 year.

I thought at first that I wanted a planner inside either a binder or in some type of case and honestly, that would not work for me.  So, I plan on sticking with a regular wire bound planner.

I am hoping that I can figure out what some people used to create their planners so that I can do the same.  All I would need after creating my own planner is to upload it to Office Max’s website and they could print it out for me and bind it.  The cheaper route would be for me to print it out myself and take it up to Office Max to get it bound myself.  Although, I plan on re-using my Erin Condren planner in some way.

If I am able to create my own planner, I could re-use my Erin Condren covers as covers for my new planner.  I could also re-use the coil as well.  Now that I think about it, if I am going to re-use those two things, I might as well just get a hole punch and coil the entire thing myself.

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