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Second Erin Condren Order Update

After many hassles, I finally got my second order from Erin Condren.  I am currently still waiting on the third one to ship out.  As far as decorating my planner goes, I still have to get the stickers.

Once I got my planner, I cannot tell you how many planner videos that I watched and how many Etsy shops that I have looked at.  I have decided to go with two shops that seemed to be very reasonably priced.  I’ve already made a purchase from Lace and Logos. Lace and Logos primarily does printables.  This means that you buy the style of stickers that you want, you download the file and then print it out onto sticker paper.

The item that I plan on buying from Lace and Logos is all twelve months for the Erin Condren life planner.  It is at a really great price too.  So, I really could not resist.

The second Etsy shop that I am planning on buying some stickers from is A Heart Felt Life. I am getting some yoga stickers from this store.  The really cool thing is that once I place all of the yoga stickers that I am actually going to reuse the sheet that they come on.  This is because I have some round labels that I want to print some stickers onto but, they are not on the right size of paper.  Hence, reusing the sheet that the yoga stickers I am going to purchase.

The sticker paper that I plan on purchasing is from Avery.  Avery is also the brand of round label stickers that I bought as well.  I also have some rectangular ones as well. To customize them a little bit more, I am going to get some watercolor paint and paint each of the rectangles.  I then plan on cutting them in half and using them in my planner.  I will also write on them whenever there is a bill due, and when I plan out my YouTube filming schedule.

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