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Regrets and Frustrations

It has been a very stressful week so far.  One of the things that I have been regretting is going back through the K-12 program.  This is mainly because I have emailed my daughter Ashleigh’s teacher and I have yet to receive an email back from her.  I honestly find that very unprofessional.  My plan is to email her back today and if I do not receive a reply email back by next Tuesday, I will call the teacher personally and find out what the deal is.  Especially when I email asking important questions.

I am lucky that with my younger two, they have a teacher that I am familiar with.  She was Ashleigh’s Kindergarten teacher.  My other frustration is the fact that my husband had promised to help with our daughter Ashleigh and he has honestly yet to really help out.  So once again, all school work is left up to me to do.  I not only have to cook dinner here in a little bit, but I also have to help him finish getting his stuff packed for work.  Then, I have to magically teach math, lit and comp, vocabulary, spelling, and writing skills to my oldest and then do math, lit and comp, phonics, and history with the younger two.  Luckily for me, I had them do their history lesson yesterday.  I just have to log their answers in.

Not to mention that I still have some school work that I need to do as well.  I am also trying to knit a blanket for myself and I am hoping to have it finished by tonight.  Although I doubt that will happen at all.  Hopefully I can at least get a couple more rows knitted though.

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