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I am sitting here reflecting on life today. Not a lot of people know that I have put a child up for adoption. She will turn seven this year. I also have two other children who are twelve and soon to be nine. They each live with their dads. Is it hard having my youngest three with me and not having the other three? Every day.

But all I can do is take one day at a time and know that God is putting me through this so that I can learn from it. Anyway, my husband has just started a new job. Which will be really good. I am hoping that we will be able to save up enough money to eventually buy a piece of land and pay it off before trying to build our own house. Sure, I could buy a house that has already been built but, there are some things that I want that an already built house might not have. Plus, it has to have enough room for Ashleigh, Emily, Katelynn, and a home office and guest room. With that being said, it will have to be a five bedroom house and it will also have to have at least four bathrooms.

What I want, is for Emily and Katelynn’s rooms to beside a bathroom. I think that the technical term for it is a Jack and Jill bathroom. Where there is a bedroom on each side of the bathroom. That is what I want for their rooms. That way, Ashleigh can have her own bathroom and then Emily and Katelynn can share a bathroom. I also want a master bathroom that has his and her sinks and toilets. That way, if I am in the bathroom and my husband has to go to the bathroom, he can. I also want the guest bedroom to have its own bathroom that is accessible through the room. It will also have to have a home office so that we can each have our computers in a room. The home office I also want to have a bookcase built into the wall so that I can put all of my books in there.

In the living room, I want it to also have a bookshelf built into the wall so that we can store all of our movies. I know that it seems like a lot but it is what I want. I also want it to have an open floor plan so that I can view the living room from the kitchen. I have seen a couple of floor plans that I like but I am really hoping that I could build our own house cheaper than what it would cost to buy one that half of what I want. Well, here’s to hoping.

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