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RCA PRO 10Tablet

I had actually typed this review up last night.  However for some strange and odd reason, it would not post.  So, here I am typing it up all again.  But that is okay.

This is a  10 inch tablet.  Now you might be thinking that it is as big as the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 but it isn’t.  I will have to take some pictures of it later to add to this because currently, my digital camera that I have is up on a shelf where I am unable to reach it.

This tablet comes with an ac/dc charger, micro usb charging cable that you can either use with the keyboard to charge it or the tablet if you have it hooked into a computer, a micro sd card slot, a headphone jack, and a hdmi port.  It also came with a folio case with a keyboard.  I like that the keyboard is like a regular keyboard in the fact that it does not have the silicone keys.  Those types of keyboards are a pain to try and deal with.

When using the keyboard, I do not have it bluetoothed to the tablet.  This is because it is already recognized by the tablet when you put the tablet into the case.  The case has a built in hard plastic mount that the tablet slides into.  I like this feature because lets face it, elastic and weaken over time.  The only thing that I do not like is that some of the apps that I have installed only work in portrait mode and not landscape.  So, if I am responding to a class discussion or making my main class discussion post, I have to turn my head sideways to do this.  I could charge the keyboard via the micro usb port and then bluetooth it to the device but, I really haven’t felt like doing that.

I really like that it comes with the hdmi port because as soon as I get a newer TV, I can watch my movies on the newer TV while it is playing from my tablet.  Pretty cool huh?!  Aside from that, it also came with VUDU already installed on the tablet.  If you buy one of these tablets and sign up for VUDU, you get five free movies.  Not too bad.  You can also link your Ultraviolet account and any movies that you have there are instantly added to your library.  This tablet is also a 16gb but it definitely out performs the Nook that I had and it was a 32gb.

So far, I have only had the tablet about two weeks.  But, it has not given me any problems what so ever.  This tablet replaced the Samsung Galaxy tablet that a friend gave me and is now being used by my kids.  (Do not try that at home.  If you have more than one child, they will fight over it.)  My RCA tablet also replaced the Barnes and Noble Nook HD+.  Tablet that I had for about two weeks.  I had to return it because it was getting to where it was freezing on me.

Now for the downside to this tablet.  It only has one speaker and even with the volume all the way up, it is very hard to hear videos playing.  I have speakers that quit working with my computer (my kids somehow uninstalled the audio driver), that I hook into my tablet in order to watch YouTube videos and my movies from VUDU.  This tablet does have a learning curve if you are unfamiliar with Google Drive which I am.  I am an online student and when I went to upload my assignments, I could not figure out why it was not letting me via Google Drive.  I have since found out that I have to go to the document’s settings, and select keep on device for it to upload to Google Drive.  Now that I have that all figured out, we are all peachy king here.

So, there you have it.  If you are truly in the market for a tablet, I suggest this one.  I was able to score mine for $99.  I think that the price has went back up to $149 but it is all worth it.  Especially when you go to the RCA site and find out that just the case alone costs $50.  I am definitely enjoying this tablet.  I do reccommend that if you take it with you and you are female, have a big purse.  It barely fits into my purse that I carry.  But, I just took out all the non essential stuff that was not needed in my purse.

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