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Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser Review

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Let me just say that I have super sensitive skin. When I first started shopping at Sephora, I only went there to initially get a makeup brush. I had then decided to get some facial cleanser and settled on the FAB brand (First Aid Beauty). However, six months after using these products, I became allergic to them.

So, back off to Sephora I went in search of a new cleanser. I had actually stopped at Sephora this time to pick up some foundation since I was out and a new foundation brush. While browsing around, I asked the sales lady there recommended the Philosophy brand.

I am actually quite familiar with the Philosophy brand as I used to get there 3-in-1 bottles of shampoo, body wash, and shower gel. Purity is exactly as it says. While there is a slight smell from the natural ingredients that are used to make it, it really is not that bad. Plus, it leaves my skin super smooth and soft. Since using the Purity facial cleanser, I have had a decrease in breakouts which is awesome considering the fact that I never thought that I would still be dealing with acne at my age.

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