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Papermate Profile Ink Pen Review

Today, I am reviewing some ink pens that I bought last night.  They are from the Papermate company.  I only had to pay $.75 for these pens and I was hoping that they would be truly awesome.  However, that was not the case.

This was a four pack of pens that came in the colors green, orange, blue, and pink.  Pink is slowly becoming my favorite color but this one just was too light.  I thought that with it being labeled as a bold pen, that it would have been a bit darker when writing.  The pens are a 1.4 mm thickness.  So you would think that it would write darker than what it was.

Lucky for me, I also bought a another four pack of BIC ink pens that I absolutely love.  So I still consider it to be a win-win situation especially since I plan on giving the Papermate ink pens away.

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