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While I am still debating on giving up my blog, I am hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. I love my blog and I have enjoyed it immensely. But I have come to realize one thing. My blog was like a rose. And instead of nurturing it, there were times that I honestly forgot about it. And now, I am paying the price for it. Best case scenario is that I am able to switch hosting to a more affordable plan. Worst case is that I just switch back to a regular WordPress free blog account. It still won’t be the end of the world, and I can still blog.

I do want to continue blogging and there are probably many bloggers out there that would not tell you that if you do not actually work on your blog daily, that it will not go as you planned. And it wasn’t until I read a blog post from Tiffany over at that I realized what I did wrong as far as my blog was concerned.

I am thinking about revamping a few things on my blog but, I want you, my loyal readers opinions. Do you like the faith posts that I have posted? I know that there were a few who liked my posts about the issues that I had in my marriage and what we did to fix those. But, would you like to see more of that? What about product reviews and food recipes? Do you like reading that sort of thing or not? I want to hear from you because it helps me to really get to know you better.

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