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It’s a brand new day!

Wow!  I cannot believe that I have the time to write a blog post.  This is mainly because I fixed our television to where the kids can watch Hulu.  Well, at least two of them are watching Hulu while my middle is watching a movie on YouTube.

Speaking of which, I am hoping to start growing my YouTube channel more.  I am starting to get back into the whole Plan With Me videos.  Once I can upgrade my blog to where I can include video links, I will start blogging and vlogging the Plan With Me stuff.  I will also be doing a video today about our experience with the K12 online school.  I don’t like showing my face on video but, I will for this particular review.

I am also planning on doing some make-up reviews of some of the products and tools that I use.  For those videos, I will also be showing my face since I will also be “testing” the product on camera.

Other than the constant rain, everything has been going pretty good.  With the exception of being able to get the money leftover from my loans.  I feel that in all honesty, I should not have to explain why I need that money.  I also hate the fact that they are also forcing me to watch a video on financial responsibility.

What I plan on using that money for is in my opinion, none of their business.  I do plan on using it for school supplies.  Some of the supplies will be for me, and some will be for my kids so that I can keep them entertained while I am doing my work as well as for when I am teaching them separately.  Some of the money we are using towards our car.  If we put an additional $500 towards our car, our payment will drop by $100.  That is perfect for us since in two weeks, my husband’s hours will drop.

We are also going to pay up the rest of his car insurance so that we will only have to renew it come late January, early February.  By doing this, the only bills that we will have every month will be our rent, power bill, internet bill, cell phone, and car payment.  By doing this plan of action, we will be saving $1,160 in four months by paying up the car insurance and having to pay $100 less a month on the car payment.  To me, that is a great investment on using the money leftover from my loans.

This is also pretty much a projected amount because our power bill, gas for our car, and internet bill can go up or down depending on usage.  The only things that stay the same rate are the car payment, cell phone, and the car insurance.

So tell me, how do you save money on your monthly bills?  We have looked into getting cheaper internet however where we live, there are no other options.

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