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How to Achieve your Dreams – Updated

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What is it that you want to do?  This is the most common question asked by admissions advisors when selecting a college.  As well as what are your goals for the next one to three years.

So here are my goals and what I plan on doing to attain them.  First, graduating with my Associates in Applied Science in Medical Billing and Coding. This will be achieved in October of this year.  Second, is starting my Bachelors degree in healthcare management. That will start in December.

My third goal was to have our car paid off in nine months.  Unfortunately , we ended up having to move in order to find better job opportunities. So for now, we are holding off on this goal until we both start bringing in income.

Our fourth goal is to be in the process of buying or renting our own place within six months.

I am hoping to be able to pay off some personal debt by the end of 2020 as well but, that will only happen if I can find a job working from home as a medical biller and coder.  I also want to have my student loans from my current college halfway paid off by 2025.

I know that I am dreaming big. But I know that with determination, faith, prayer, and patience, I can accomplish anything that I set my mind to.

When we set goals for ourselves, we can be our own worst enemy. Procrastination is also our biggest enemy. Which is why I try my hardest to live by the “Do not put off tomorrow what you can do today”. I’m not always successful in this but, I own that fact. As long as you set easily attainable short and long term goals, you can achieve anything you set your heart or mind on.

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