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Headaches, School Work, and Knitting

I should be finishing up the rest of my school work.  However, I have a horrible headache once again.  It’s bad enough that I woke up with on that luckily, went away shortly after taking some Advil Migraine and getting a little bit of sleep.  But, as the day has progressed, it has since returned.

This is mainly because I have had to yell at my kids to “please be quiet”.  Of course they have selective hearing and think that what I tell them is not important.  So now, I am trying my hardest to finish eating my dinner without getting sick again.  I however, do not think that I will be successful in this particular endeavor.

One can hope though right?  The only other thing that would cause a repeat headache is Aunt Flo coming by for a visit.  If this is a result of fluctuating hormones again, this is going to be a long week ahead of me.  Anytime I have gotten hormonal migraines, I end up having them for about three days if not longer.  I am really not wanting that again.  It is bad enough that Aunt Flo decided to literally show up a week early.

Other than that, things have been going pretty good with the girls and their school work.  They have all three had their student/teacher conferences and both teachers have said that they are doing really good.  With Ashleigh, we still need to focus on reading with her but she actually talked to her teacher.  And honestly, I am really happy that we did decide to go back to the K12 program.  Her teacher is amazing and understands that sometimes, it can take a child a couple of years to get used to having to essentially talk to a stranger over the internet.

The only things that I do have to finish for school is a test that I am about halfway done with, and a homework assignment that I think only needs about three more questions answered.  Since my husband has to work tomorrow, I am going to strive to actually get those two things done while also trying to knit at least another 10 inches on the blanket that I am making.  If I do that, I will only have 27 more inches to knit.

So, here is to hoping that my headache goes away, I can finish my dinner, I finish my school work and upload it tomorrow, and that I can knit 10 inches onto my blanket which is equal to 46 rows.

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