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Blogging For Money Is Hard

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This might just be the last time that I write that statement. I am giving up my blogging hobby. I might continue doing it on WordPress’s free platform but I am not entirely sure yet. I was hoping to be successful and make money like what some of the bloggers that I follow do but it is pointless. Everything that I have tried has not worked. Not even monetizing with GourmetAds worked. In the time since I signed up for GourmetAds, I have made almost $2.00. I know that some of that was because I didn’t Internet access and I was unable to promote my blog like I wanted. But, it still doesn’t hurt any less knowing that I was a failure at it.

Maybe once I get my Bachelor’s degree I can reboot my blog. but in all reality, I am not very hopeful. What is the point in trying when in all reality, not that many people ever actually read my blog anyway? To me, that is just asinine. The only person who constantly read my blog was my husband. I had more people who read my free version than my paid version. But my main reason for blogging was being able to have a blog to make money off of it.

While I still have about three weeks until I have to renew my blog, I have already decided that if I make enough to renew my blog from my Amazon Affiliate links, then I am switching hosting companies. I have decided that the one that I will switch to will be iPage. I can get hosting , transfer my domain name, and some other stuff for $82. To me, that is a pretty awesome deal.

Maybe there is a miracle coming that I do not know about but, I highly doubt it. To everyone who has ever read my blog and commented, thank you. I appreciate your dedication.

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