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Getting Ready for the Holidays

In a week, Halloween will be upon us.  Then, in 24 days after that, Thanksgiving will be here.  In the meantime, I am trying my best to finalize what I want for Christmas as well as trying to figure out what the girls want.

I am pretty much easy to buy for.  If it is something that I can either use on a daily basis or make something with it, then, I love it.  Which is mainly why my Christmas wish list is full of yarn, and knitting needles.

I am really trying to finalize my wish list as I do hope to eventually start selling the things that I make.  I am thinking about making a dishcloth set where I have a couple of scrubby cloths as well as a couple of dish cloths.  The only thing that I have to do is make them package them, and sell them.

The really cool thing is that I can make two scrubby dish cloths  out of one ball of yarn.  So, if I get a couple of balls of yarn, I can make some up and eventually sell them with a matching dish cloths.

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