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I used to balk at having to watch this movie.  Part of the reason was because it is a long movie.  The other reason is because it reminded me too much of how our marriage used to be.

I fought him tooth and nail too. I fought him because I did not want to believe that he was truly changing. But eventually, I came around. I realized that in all reality, I had a really good husband and I was looking at losing him, my children, and being all alone.

Now we still have some things that we are working on. We try to make sure that we always communicate with each other, I have gotten on depression medication which has greatly improved my moods, and, I am slowly building up trust again.

You see, while I was doing good, I ended up slipping and doing things that I shouldn’t. This greatly destroyed what trust my husband had in me. So, slowly but surely, I have been building that trust up again. It isn’t easy and there are times when I hate that he goes through my tablet but, I realize that because of what I did, he doesn’t trust me. I have been building that trust up again.

We have come a long way and I surprised my husband by wanting to watch the Fireproof movie. I surprised him again today when I told him that I wanted to finish watching it. I have grown to really appreciate this movie. And if you are having trouble in your marriage, I strongly suggest that you watch this movie and do The Love Dare. Also, seek out marriage counseling, and join a church.

If you are struggling as a father, watch Courageous. Because of this movie, my husband has been being a better father to our girls.

Some other great movies to watch are God’s Not Dead, God’s Not Dead 2, Flywheel, and Facing the Giants. All of these movies have helped us as a married couple and as a family. And I am proud to say that our girls love watching the God’s Not Dead movies as well as Fireproof.

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