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Finding A New Church

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Last year, my husband and our three girls started going to a church that was recommended by a friend of his. To us, it was easier to go to this church since we were also attending marriage counseling sessions there as well. At first, everything was great, well, at least we thought so.

After moving to Alabama for six months, we tried finding a church there but to no avail since at the time, my husband’s work schedule would vary depending on who he was working for at the time. Now that we are back in Florida, we started attending our church again. But, we soon realized that a lot had changed.

You see, my family is looked down on because we are staying with a friend. Never mind the fact that we make sure that he friend has food in the fridge, a way into work and back home (he has only had to catch a ride into work one time since he has started working), a way to and from church most of the time since we have quit going to the same church (this has only changed here recently when we have had things to do. Church members have either offered to take him to church or home from church, we pick him up most of the time from church.), we take care of his dogs while he is at work, and take him grocery shopping.

We have only asked him for a place to stay and prayers. That is it. Yet my family is criticized because of this. To me, that is not the way a Christian should act. To me, that is judging us. We have asked nothing from the church except for if anyone sees something for rent to give us the number so that we can find out about it.

My husband has a job but it isn’t steady. So, I have been looking for something as well as him. But, it will still take time to get called for an interview and such. We are hoping that a the friend that my husband works for can talk to his wife and see if there is a position at the local hospital that I could do. But, that is still a long shot.

The other reason that we have chosen to stop going to this church is because to us, there is a health and safety concern for our children. There was one particular Sunday morning where our kids were given a bunch of junk food and candy. That is a health issue because it hypes my kids up on sugar and they are more difficult to discipline. Not only that but to me, there is more that the church security could be doing. In my opinion, there should be someone outside of the building where the kids are, as well as someone inside. I also think that they should follow the guidelines like what daycares do as far as the adult to children ratio. And that just is not the case.

We are hoping to find a new church soon. There are a couple of churches that we are planning on visiting and before we visit them, I think that we will set up a meeting with the pastor of the church to interview them to see if their views match with ours concerning safety of its members.

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