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Dr. Scholls For Her Review

First and foremost, I am a Bzz Agent.  I get to try products for free in exchange for giving a review.  I do not have to give a positive review if I feel that the product did not meet my standards.  If you are unaware of Dr Scholls for Her, here is a tidbit about what they are all about.

“Dr. Scholl’s® For Her is the first full line of foot care products designed specifically with women’s needs in mind. Whether it’s insoles for heels and flats, or anti-friction products to help prevent shoe rubbing and blisters, the entire collection enables you to enjoy the things you want to do – not just the things you need to do – by enhancing foot comfort.”

So, I got my Dr. Scholls for Her high heel inserts in the mail on Friday.  I had planned on wearing them in my high heeled shoes that I have only worn one time however, after having the inserts in for thirty minutes, my feet started to hurt really bad.  I do not blame the insert, I blame the shoe because the heel is higher than what I am used to wearing.  These heels are anywhere from 4 1/2 to 5 inches high.  My feet are not used to that.  So, I put them in my 2 in heeled sandals.  Nope, still didn’t work.  This is only because it put my foot really tight against the straps that go against the top of my foot and it was causing the straps to cause friction.  I did not feel comfortable wearing these on a shopping trip so I put them on my wedge flip flops.  My feet never felt so much better.

My feet are used to me either going barefoot or with flip flops on.  I am planning on trying other Dr. Scholls products for her in hopes of having a great working product for my other shoes in the future.

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2 thoughts on “Dr. Scholls For Her Review”

  1. evejohnston3 says:

    How did the inserts feel during the first 30 minutes? Were they an improvement over how the shoes felt the first time you wore them? In what specific ways did your feet feel better after you put the inserts in your wedge sandals? In other words, what does this product actually do, and how well does it do it?

    1. cmd1999 says:

      They were a definite improvement over what they were like without them. I had more support in the arch area which is where I really need it the most. They make you feel as if you are walking on air. When they were in my wedge sandals, they were really comfortable but for some reason, my feet do not like straps that go across my foot and they like to be difficult.

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