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Do you tell it like it is?

I am usually the type of person that says it like it is.  I normally don’t sugar coat things.  Honestly, I don’t have time for that.  But here lately, I have been doing a lot of procrastination.  And I hate being that way.  I am usually really prompt on things.  However, I have been known to say that I would be late to my own funeral.  Knowing my luck though, I probably would be.

I have really learned that in life, you have no guarantees.  I never expected to have to stop talking to my mom due to all the drama that she was starting.  Yes it hurts that I don’t have someone that I can trust (besides my husband and what select few friends that I have). 

Anyway, one thing that I really hate is people who are hypocritical.  Act like a saint on Sunday and a sailor the rest of the week.  That is why if I create an account that asks my religious beliefs, I put that I am spiritual.  I don’t believe that I should put that I am religious because I don’t live like I should.  I cuss way too much (Thanks Mom for teaching me!), and I tend to get aggravated very easily which throws me into said cussing fit.  However, since I have children that are like little sponges and love to repeat what I don’t want them to say, I have been trying to come up with other words in place of the cuss words.  This experiment is going okay but really could be better.  But there is still time to get it perfected.

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