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Do we have to?

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This is what we have been asking ourselves here of late. Recently, I took up the Supper Coordinator position at my church. And in all honesty, I don’t want to give it up. But the sad reality is that I may have to.

You see, we are planning on moving from the current place that we live. Unfortunately, there are very few places for rent that we can actually afford. This would mean that we would in all honesty, have to live in our car. Yeah it will be cramped with five people and what have you, but, it would mean that we would be together and not apart.


There is a silver lining though. We do have some friends in Alabama that have offered to let us stay with them. The downside to all of this is that not only would we be moving to a new state, but we would also be leaving a church family that I would really miss as well as me having to step down as the Supper Coordinator.

Church is really one thing that I have always enjoyed and I am trying to get more involved. I eventually want to join the choir. Plus, Florida is my home essentially. But, moving to Alabama would mean being closer to more jobs, closer to grocery stores, and, I would also be able to actually get a job, and possibly even my license.

Positives and Negatives

When I look at everything all typed out, Alabama does seem to offer more positives than negatives. However, we still have to worry about actually finding jobs out in Alabama, and while we would have a place to stay, it isn’t like that would really last forever. And, we would also have to change everything over.

Then again, Florida is limited on decent jobs, affordable places to live, and the horrible drug problems that plague the state. These are major downsides. The upside is that there is a ton of places to visit. There are a ton of springs, parks, beaches, and hiking trails. Not to mention that I have a church that we absolutely love and really don’t want to leave.


In all honesty, I am preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. I know that in my heart, God will provide and show us the way or open a door for us. I have faith that we will get through all of this. Even though it seems like a daunting issue ahead of us, I know that we will come through this and that this might just be a trial for us to overcome.

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