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Disturbing Discovery

Today’s small ramblings by me are sponsored by the letter D for disturbed.  I reside in a fairly nice smaller home with my laundry area outside of our dwelling.  Occasionally, when I collect my freshly washed laundry a few pieces of clothing will fall out of my basket while I’m on my way back inside.

My husband recently found a small amount of my fallen laundry of the ground and placed it on top of our dryer to be re-washed.  To our shock and dismay, my husband later discovered that the pieces of laundry which included my unmentionables were no longer on the dryer and had been placed much higher near our power meter quite a good way away from our dryer.

This was not something that an animal is capable of doing, and could only have been done by a human.  The question is why and when was someone on our property, and what in the world were they doing with my unmentionables???  I am left with an eerie feeling and quite disturbed that an unknown person, most likely a perverted individual, has been traipsing through my property near my children and myself.

This has been a very disturbing discovery.

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