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Can you relate?

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I watched a movie recently that really made me think.  The movie was called Mom’s Night Out.  The gist of the movie is that this mom of three kids desperately needs a night out without her kids.  Nothing goes as she plans and in the end, she tells the character played by Trace Adkins that she feels like a failure.

How many times as women and mothers do we feel like this?  I know that I have often felt this way.  And in all reality, I think that every parent feels like this at some point in time during parenting.  But my question is why?  Why as parents, as men, as women do we feel like we fail?

The answer is really simple.  We feel that we fail because of what SOCIETY says we should be.  Now a lot of people will not agree with me here on this next thing that I am about to say but this is my opinion.  I think that we need to do what makes us happy within reason as parents.

As a parent, I often find myself giving into my children’s demands instead of standing firm.  And it is when their behavior is at its worst that I realize that by giving in, I am in a sense, giving up as a parent.  Lucky for me, I have been changing this behavior over the past month.  My children a lot of the time say that they hate me but I know that deep down, they still love me.  They are only saying that they hate me because they are mad at the decision that I have made.  And even though I still feel like what I do isn’t good enough, I know that to them, it is.

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