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Bow Ties and Bourbon

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This has now become one of my favorite candles from Bath and Body works.  At first, I was only going to get the small one but I am very glad that I got the bigger one.

I love candles but I haven’t really bought any in a long time because my kids inevitably mess them up in some way, shape, or fashion.  Since my husband and I are seriously discussing purchasing a house, this is one thing that I have thought about having for our home.

Even though I paid $24.50 for it, to me, it was well worth it.  If you are wondering exactly what it smells like, it is a mixture of subtle, nice smelling cologne on a guy.  My husband didn’t like the smell of it but, that’s okay.  I can always burn it when he is at work.  Plus, when we get our own place, it will be a candle that is burned in my office.

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