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Back at it again, or at least trying.

So, I am getting back onto the weight loss wagon again.  I have really been trying and at one point, I had cut soda completely out of my diet.  Then, I wound up with a really horrible headache that even after taking two Alieve and four Advil, it still would not go away.  So, I had my husband bring me a soda.  I am however hoping to actually quit the soda habit again though.

I also plan on sticking with it this time.  With drinking coffee instead of soda, I will be saving 10 calories, 65mg of sodium, and 10g of carbs.  If you figure that I drink around 2 12oz cans of soda per day, I am consuming 2,380 calories in one week.  If I stick to drinking coffee and water, I will be consuming anywhere from 1,260 to 2,340 calories in a week.  The reason for the major difference is because a lot of times, I actually do not put anything in my coffee but sugar.  It is very rare that I even use creamer.

I have also been on a huge tuna kick lately.  Which reminds me, I’m getting low on tuna.  I usually either eat two tuna with mayo on whole wheat sandwiches.  Or, I do the really not healthy thing and eat it on top of some Original flavored Pringles.  My kids think that I’m weird but, it tastes good to me.  Let me just say that I truly hate the taste of whole wheat bread so, I toast it and glob as much tuna as I can on a slice and stick another piece of wheat toast on top of it.

Hopefully, by my birthday next year, I can be 35 pounds lighter.  Actually, I would settle for 30 pounds lighter.

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