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Currently, I have been going to school for medical billing and coding and about a month ago, my husband broached the subject of me getting my Bachelors degree. I did my research through the college that I’m currently attending and found that they do not offer Bachelors degree programs.

Now I will be honest, I was shocked when he first brought this up.  Mainly because he had been against me going back to school to start with. However, there was a reason to this. You see I was set to graduate in 2015. I was in my last set of 12 week classes and logged in to do my school work for the day.  Once I logged in, I was met will a screen saying that I had no active classes. The college that I had been attending had been shut down by the federal government.

What was supposed to cost me around $13,500 per year, ended up costing me over $31,000. I got lucky and my loans were forgiven.  I made sure that when I picked another college that they were non-profit. Yes they are a little more expensive but, I don’t have to worry about tuition hikes either.

I will graduate in October with my A.A.S.  in Medical Billing and Coding. In December, I will start my classes in healthcare management. The really awesome thing is that I get to choose my courses. Which is awesome to me.

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