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Apple Pencil Review

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When my husband first got me my iPad Pro, I was considering getting the Apple Pencil. Instead, I chose not to and boy do I regret that now. The Apple Pencil is super easy to pair with the iPad Pro and whole I do not know if you can pair it with an iPhone, I am sure that you can.

Inside the box is the pencil, a charging adapter, and an extra tip. I love being able to create colorful notes and drawings with the pencil. Plus, I can also write on pictures as well. This helps me with my schoolwork since one of my classes has me doing PowerPoint presentations and I often include pictures.

I really do wish that I would have bought the pencil sooner as it would have greatly helped me when it came to filling out documents for my current college. Overall, I highly recommend investing in the Apple Pencil. Here is a collage of pictures that I did for one of my classes. The writing was done with my Apple Pencil.

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