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Bills, Life, College, Homeschooling

Ugh.  I haven’t blogged in a while.  Mainly because life has been catching up with me.  My husband started a new job, two days later, we had to get a new car.  So, we are literally living paycheck to paycheck trying to pay all of our bills and stay afloat.

I have also started college again.  I am going for Medical Coding and Billing.  My potential graduation date will be in October of 2017.  Currently, I am typing this blog up on my new computer that I got from my college for earning a 4.0 GPA for my first five weeks of classes.  I am almost done with my second set of 5 week classes and I still have that 4.0.  It is my goal to keep it that way.

I am also going to be homeschooling my girls this school year.  Hopefully, I can get everything done before school is actually supposed to start.  I had been planning on following the school calendar for the county that I live but, I just recently found out that school literally starts back this upcoming Wednesday.  So, I will more in likely start the girls back the last full week in August.

The cool thing about using the umbrella school that I have picked out is that I only have to submit their attendance.  Which, is pretty cool.  I was actually wanting to already have them doing school but since I do not have all the supplies yet, I am having to wait until we can get the rest of the necessary books, printer paper, and printer ink.  I might be waiting until August.  But, I am not sure.  Either way, I only have to do 180 days of attendance.  Since I am not going to follow the school calendar, I can actually have the girls do school work on holidays.  This will make it to where we will finish the school year out pretty early.

If that happens, then I can have a longer planning time to get the necessary materials and also maybe go to a conference to where I can pick up some free and discounted homeschool items.  Well, I am sure that you are tired of reading this long, rambling blog.  I also have plans to change this into a blog that will actually make me money.  I just have to get the cash together to even do that.

3 thoughts on “Bills, Life, College, Homeschooling”

  1. It sounds like a busy time that includes a lot of changes.
    Good luck with your classes and doing the homeschooling.
    Enjoy the new car.

    1. CountryMama says:

      It is. So far, I am doing very well in my classes. As far as the new car, we love it but the car payment is killing us. We are hoping to get something with a lower payment.

      1. We need to start to looking into a new car. I hope to make that monthly payment something reasonable.

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