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Decisons, decisions, decisions

So many things are going on in our family right now.  We are still trying to decide on if we want to stay in Florida or move to another state.  After having some serious car repairs about a week ago, I have been leaning more towards us just staying in Florida and maybe moving to a different city.

There are still some things that are up in the air as well.  One being do I continue with doing virtual schooling for Ashleigh and start with Emily and Katelynn, do I homeschool 100%, or do we do the brick and mortar route.  A lot of this will depend on what we find out is developmentally wrong with our daughter Emily.

At our previous pediatrician’s office, we tried several times to tell them about Emily being behind in things but it is like they would never want to listen.  Now, we have a doctor that will and I am very grateful for that.  No parent wants to hear that something is wrong with their child but I want to.  I want to know why my daughter is having extreme difficulty in gaining weight (she weighs 32 lbs).  At six years old, she should be weighing around 50 pounds and be 3 ft 6 in tall.  Emily is one inch shy of being 4 ft tall.  I think that this might have something to do as far as her weight.  She is really tall for her age.

The other thing that we want to know is why she will not potty train.  She knows how to do it because when she was three, she was starting to potty train and then just completely stopped.  I want to know why.  Is there something wrong with the “plumbing” so to speak or is it more of a control/mental thing?

Hopefully soon, we will find out.  We are also waiting to find out some health issues for me as well.  Hopefully by Monday, we will get some answers on that end.  Well, for now, I need to end this blog post.  It is time to do the homemaker thing and get some laundry done.

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