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Quiet time

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I love this time of morning. You know what I’m talking about.  The early morning time where your husband, kids, dog, girlfriend, cat, boyfriend, or wife are all still asleep and it’s quiet.  I love the quiet.  It lets me sit back, drink my coffee, plan in my planner, knit a few rows on whatever it is I am making, read my Bible, or even do my school work.

So, I perk my coffee, pour a cup, take my medications for the day, put my headphones in, and just jam out to my music and unwind.  Here of late, I really haven’t been able to do that as much as the kids have ended up getting up right after me.  But, they went to bed later than usual last night so, I get to have my time to myself.

As a stay at home mom, this is important to me.  Especially since my husband works 12 hour shifts.  I have homeschooled our three girls for the past three years and this year, we have made to collective decision to put them in public school.  Most of this is because we will be able to actually see where Emily stands on the autism spectrum.

Now before anyone gets their underwear in a bind, we have been proactively begging doctors for a diagnosis as far as what is wrong with her.  All they want to do however, is put her on ADHD medications.  We do not agree with this because she is already slow to gain weight.  At almost 7 years old, she might weigh 40lbs.

And before anyone asks if we feed her, yes, we feed her.  Yes, we sometimes cater to her as far as what she will and will not eat.  We make sure to stock up on things that we know that she will eat.  But, little Emily is just like me.  You see, Emily and I were both born at 32 weeks.  I weighed 3 lbs 11 1/2 oz while she weighed 3 lbs 8 oz.  I was in the hospital for 27 days.  Emily was in the hospital for around 44 days.

Putting them in public school will also allow us to obtain the resources for our daughter Ashleigh as well since she does have some reading comprehension issues.  However, I had the same ones and by the time I went into 6th grade, all was good.  I will admit that even as an adult, I will have some problems sometimes but, it is what it is.

Overall, I am excited about them going to public school.  And so the madness begins on getting them backpacks, lunch boxes, and school supplies.  But its okay.  It will be more than worth it in order to get a very much needed break.  I will then be able to focus on my school work, my blog, my Etsy shop, as well as my marriage.

To most this wouldn’t be a problem but, since we have had some issues in our marriage, we only want it to get stronger.

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