Family and Marriage

Love and Marriage

Marriage is something to not take lightly.  I know this from experience.  I am on my second marriage and it definitely has not been an easy road.  But marriage never is.  It takes a lot of hard work, communication, patience, kindness, and love. Without these things, your marriage will crash and burn.  I have previously… Read More Love and Marriage

Family and Marriage


I used to balk at having to watch this movie.  Part of the reason was because it is a long movie.  The other reason is because it reminded me too much of how our marriage used to be. I fought him tooth and nail too. I fought him because I did not want to believe… Read More Fireproof


Do we have to?

This is what we have been asking ourselves here of late. Recently, I took up the Supper Coordinator position at my church. And in all honesty, I don’t want to give it up. But the sad reality is that I may have to. You see, we are planning on moving from the current place that… Read More Do we have to?



Life is full of all kinds of choices. Here of late, I have been praying before making decisions that will impact not only my life but also that of my children and my husband. I also consult my husband and get his opinion on things before doing them. Recent Choices Recently, my husband and I… Read More Choices

Family and Marriage

We all slip and fall

Addictions There is something that we all struggle with each and every day.  Wether it be drugs, alcohol, food, weight loss, or sex.  Addictions come in many forms.  However, it is our choice to break the cycle and change these addictions.  While the “cravings” will always be there, it is up to us to choose… Read More We all slip and fall

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Have you ever found yourself struggling with your everyday tasks?  Wether it be getting the housework doe, duties to be preformed at your job, or even in your faith?  Recently, I have been struggling in all of these aspects.  Now while I do not work outside of the home, I have this blog, a YouTube… Read More Struggling

Family and Marriage


Not too many know my dealings with adoption.  There are a select few who do though.  You see, I have given birth to six children.  Five girls and one boy. The first child that my husband and I had was put up for adoption.  Not by our choice either.  Now I know what most of… Read More Adoption



Currently, I have been going to school for medical billing and coding and about a month ago, my husband broached the subject of me getting my Bachelors degree. I did my research through the college that I’m currently attending and found that they do not offer Bachelors degree programs. Now I will be honest, I… Read More Awesome

Family and Marriage

Quiet time

I love this time of morning. You know what I’m talking about.  The early morning time where your husband, kids, dog, girlfriend, cat, boyfriend, or wife are all still asleep and it’s quiet.  I love the quiet.  It lets me sit back, drink my coffee, plan in my planner, knit a few rows on whatever… Read More Quiet time